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summer and winter sun patterns

Choosing the Best Spot for Your Potted Herbs

The ideal spot for potted herbs receives ample sunlight, is near the kitchen, protected from cold winds and frost, and is close to … Read More...

Online Courses


Online Course: Food Gardening

Imagine looking out your window to see beds bursting with ripe red tomatoes, tumbling squash, and a multi-coloured array of crisp salad greens and herbs! The possibilities for growing your own fresh, flavourful produce are endless - no matter how … Read More...

herbal medicine making

Advanced Herbal Medicine Making Online Course

"If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of self-medicating, I respectfully suggest you root out and possibly reconsider the beliefs that underlie these feelings. Boundless numbers of us in this society are extremely intelligent human beings, fully … Read More...

plant journaling system

Plant Journaling for Herbalists

The study of individual herbs is a core subject in any herbology course. Contrary to contemporary courses on this subject which follow a superficial theoretical approach, the Plant Journaling for Herbalists home study course encourages a practical … Read More...

basic botany

Basic Botany for Herbalists

Basic botany and plant identification are absolutely essential skills in the repertoire of the herbalist or traditional healer. This 4 week home study course provides a basic introduction to the field of botany, plant naming (nomenclature), plant … Read More...