Grow Your Own

Sweet Basil

Fresh Herbs Are Best

Can I share a secret with you? If you only learn one thing from this Grow Your Own Herbs Tutorial learn this: FRESH is … Read More...

Online Courses


Online Course: Food Gardening

Imagine looking out your window to see beds bursting with ripe red tomatoes, tumbling squash, and a multi-coloured array of crisp salad greens and herbs! The possibilities for growing your own fresh, flavourful produce are endless - no matter how … Read More...

herbal medicine making

Advanced Herbal Medicine Making Online Course

"If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of self-medicating, I respectfully suggest you root out and possibly reconsider the beliefs that underlie these feelings. Boundless numbers of us in this society are extremely intelligent human beings, fully … Read More...

plant journaling system

Plant Journaling for Herbalists

The study of individual herbs is a core subject in any herbology course. Contrary to contemporary courses on this subject which follow a superficial theoretical approach, the Plant Journaling for Herbalists home study course encourages a practical … Read More...

basic botany

Basic Botany for Herbalists

Basic botany and plant identification are absolutely essential skills in the repertoire of the herbalist or traditional healer. This 4 week home study course provides a basic introduction to the field of botany, plant naming (nomenclature), plant … Read More...