Some people dream of working full time with herbs and organic food gardens. I’m fortunate, I live that dream. In doing so I had the privilege to learn from a number of excellent teachers. I owe a debt to all of them.

joinnow-green-2My teachers were my lecturers and mentors, nature, my folks, books, colleagues, my own curiosity and most important of all, our students and fellow family herbalists. The lessons I learned from them shaped my understanding and approach to family herbalism.

One such teacher once advised me to read the book that saves you from reading ten others. In developing the Online Family Herbalist Library and the Green Healers Library we set out to do exactly that. We wanted each publication and course to be something I wish I had a copy of when I started out more than 25 years ago.

We also set out to develop a resource that will make you look forward to learning about herbalism; and that will transform your daily learning into a fun and exciting experience.

The act of learning how to participate in the ultra-wellness game using the tools and insights of the contemporary family herbalist is an art. And like any art form, it can only be learned through repetition, dedication and good teaching. This is the good teaching.

Di-Di Hoffman
Bouquet Garni


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