It’s been years since I studied anything. Will I cope?

You certainly will. Adults learn best when they actually apply new information and materials and exchange on-going feedback with others about their experiences.

But just in case, we also give you access to material and articles on improving your study methods; reading and comprehension skills; how to set study goals and how to avoid procrastination.

Do I need to attend classes in the home-study courses?

No, all our home-study courses are distance learning (e-learning) courses. This means that you can do them from anywhere in the world.

When can I enrol?

You can enroll right now in most home-study courses.

It is just our classes and workshops that have set dates.

How do I get my course material?

Your study materials are in Adobe pdf format which you download from our website and print for offline studying. Some courses also have additional resources and learning material in the form of web pages, e-books and offline publications.

What will happen if I miss a week due to work or other reasons?

We know that our students are busy and have other demands on their time. Our courses are therefore designed to be as flexible as possible. As long as you communicate with your course facilitator and are prepared to do some catching-up, you can safely miss out a week or two.

Are the courses accredited?

Since there are no unit standards registered with the SA Qualifications Authority for any of the courses we offer, neither we, or any other learning institution in South Africa, can offer accredited courses.

Not all our courses are certificate programs. Some are ‘continuing education’ programs.

If applicable a certificate of completion from the SA Herb Academy is given upon completion. Please see each course for details.

Will I thrive in your courses?

Distance Learning has emerged in the last decade as a major delivery method of education, losing the previous stigma attached to “Correspondence Course” education.

This method of learning suits the needs of millions of people who are highly motivated to learn, but cannot leave their localities to obtain the education they want.

It is especially well-suited to the study of herbology, food gardening and optimum nutrition.

You will thrive in our nuts-and-bolts courses if you:

  • Wish to master the key concepts, principles, practices and terms of herbology.
  • Have limited time and/or money.
  • Are unable to attend classes, or are geographically remote from classes.
  • Prefer to manage and schedule your own learning experience.
  • Prefer highly practical results from programs.
  • Can see the value of self-directed, “home-schooled” learning with the support of a knowledgeable facilitator in an atmosphere of trust.
  • Understand that in learning you don’t always get what you pay for – but you get out what you put in.
  • Have a sense of adventure about new experiences and the patience for learning new ways of doing things and taking care of yourself and your family.

Who will not thrive?

Perhaps the best way to convey the nature of people who won’t thrive in our courses is to point out certain myths about learning many of us have come to believe over the years.

Our courses won’t appeal to you if you believe (consciously or unconsciously) that:

  • The prettier the content and materials, the more valid the learning must be.
  • The more expensive the course, the more the learning that will be accomplished (the fallacy of “executive-level” pricing).
  • The more physical books and binders in the course, the more the learning in the course.
  • Program certification and diplomas represent guaranteed learning that was accomplished by participants in the course.
  • Learning occurs primarily in a classroom.
  • Educators can always manage your learning better than you can yourself.