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We are excited to have you as a valued member of the Online Herb Libraries and we are looking forward to seeing you develop into a confident Family Herbalist over the next few weeks, months and years.

Before you begin with your inaugural training, there are a few important things that we need to mention to you…

  • Create a little possibility consciousness.
  • Work the WORKbooks.
  • Involve your family.
  • Spread the word.

 Create a Little Possibility Consciousness

Before you take that first tentative step in your quest to become a family herbalist we have one simple request that will help you optimize your progress: create a little possibility consciousness in your mind. Our conscious minds are always questioning and evaluating, filtering information through our current viewpoints and beliefs. While this is a great benefit in life generally, it can also be a huge drawback, because if you prejudge the information you are receiving and decide that it is of no real relevance, you will filter out sections of value and may miss something of great importance.

We therefore request that you create a space in your mind for possibility and place all the information, ideas, principles, concepts and tools that you are about to receive into this space. Then once you reach the end of each resource, you will be in a better position to evaluate how the information will best serve you.

“A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimension.”– Oliver Windell Holmes

Work the WORKbooks!

You will only get value from the material if you ‘work’ it! Knowing about herbalism in our heads doesn’t get us anywhere. It is only when we put what we learn into practice that the insights come and our quest for developing into a family herbalist actually happens. We want you to develop not only your knowledge, but also your attitudes, actions, behaviours and habits – your very ultra-health approach. We also want you to experience the most natural and effortless transformation from failure to success possible.

To achieve this we want to encourage you to start living more consistently with two of the most important natural laws. They are also central laws of Scripture.

The first is: Whatever you sow, you shall reap (see Galatians 6:7). Put another way, “whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” (2 Corinthians 9:6, NIV)

The second is that you can recognize a tree by its fruit (See the Book of Mathew 12.33.) So let’s focus on improving the fruit that we bear. To study about family herbalism – and not do anything about what we’ve learned – is a waste.

Also keep in mind that many of the titles in the libraries are workbooks and not ‘handbooks’. They do not always provide all the ready answers. They’ll take you to unexpected places; and then leave you there. For logical thinkers, and that includes most of us, this may be challenging and even frustrating.

Involve Your Family

The legacy of herbalism revolves around the family. Mother and grandmothers sharing their wisdom with their daughters. And in more modern times with their sons and grandsons.

We hope that the resources and courses you’ll gain access to will do the same for your family. It can be great bonding time, especially if you have kids. Gardening and preparing simply home remedies from the garden engage all of a child’s senses. And most kids just love learning new things. By experiencing these magical moments in the garden and around the kitchen table, they will learn how to include fresh, simply prepared seasonal food and remedies in their lives, and they will have the skills to do so forever.

If, by any chance, your kids absolutely hate gardening and cooking, they most probably still like eating. So at the very least, get them to try your garden fresh crops. Or study the resources as a family. You get our drift – make a deliberate effort to involve your family.

Spread the Word

It is our dream that every family will experience the thrill and satisfaction of natural remedies and home grown crops. Please help us spread the word by telling your family and friends about the SA Herb Academy and how to become a member.

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