Basic Botany for Herbalists

basic botany

Learning how herbs are named and classified is an essential skill of you want to use herbal medicine.

Basic botany and plant identification are absolutely essential skills in the repertoire of the herbalist or traditional healer.

This 4 week home study course provides a basic introduction to the field of botany, plant naming (nomenclature), plant classification (taxonomy) and external characteristics (morphology) from a herbal medicine perspective.

This course is intended for people who have little or no botanical background and who want to develop a working knowledge of herbs.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain the scope and importance of botany
  • Name the different study fields within botany
  • Describe the classification of plants
  • Identify the different growth habits of herbs
  • Explain the life cycles of plants
  • Identify plants using a simplified botanical key.

Time Frame

The course is divided into 4 manageable units or topics which must be completed within 4 weeks. You will need to devote a minimum of 8 hours (2 hours per week) to this course.


Each unit has at least one assignment. Assignments for this course are submitted online, by the end of each unit. Assignments must be completed in the order they are set.


There are self-assessments as well as online quizzes to help you measure your progress.


On successful completion of the course a certificate of completion from the SA Herb Academy is given. The point of all this is to learn a craft. There are no legislative boards, no licenses… just practical information for actual use to enrich your life and those you chose to serve.


If you are reading this, you most probably have all that is necessary to participate. For a detailed description of pre-requisites for this program please check our Terms of Service.

Facilitation Fees

A course facilitation fee of R695 (ZAR) or US$80 is payable. View a currency converter.

How To Enrol

To enroll in this course please send an email to

More Information

If you have any questions please call Di-Di Hoffman on 082 416 7145 or send an email to