Serious About Herbs?

“Then join The SA Herb Academy and get instant access to our ever growing collection of online Family Herbalist learning resources.”

Learning about herbs to become the family herbalist can be a challenge. Especially when required to do so on your own. Our ever expanding collection of online learning materials presents you with the best practical ways to make herbs work in your life.

The SA Herb Academy materials are intended for busy people who cares about their health and the environment and who want to develop a working knowledge of the various fields in herbology.

“You have no idea how grateful I am that you do what you do. The material you share are the best that I have come across – well organized, hands-on learning, complete in material needed to learn the subject, and all this in such a short amount of time – that’s incredible."
Wendy, USAStay at Home Mum
“Every household should have at least one member do this, in the long run it will save them thousands in doctors’ bills as it seems people go to the doctors too easily for everyday problems that can be fixed by natural means at a fraction of the cost and in the blink of an eye.”
Sue, South AfricaEntrepreneur

The Topics We Cover Include...

Nature Cure Our approach to herbalism is based on a holistic philosophy called nature cure (also known as naturopathy or natural hygiene). For the family herbalist interested in herbal medicine this is perhaps the most important – and fascinating – section of the member resources as it provides the context and foundation for practising herbal medicine.

Herbal Medicine and Herbalism Our focus in this section is on herbal medicine, but you’ll also find resources related to bath and body products and the daily household uses of herbs.

Cooking with Herbs Exploring how to make the most of herbs and spices in the kitchen is a wonderful introduction to the fascinating world of being the family herbalist. With herbs and spices you can turn ordinary boring dishes into healthy flavour adventures. And with that comes automatic bragging rights.

Growing Herbs Your own home-grown crops are still your best source of culinary and medicinal herbs. Especially if you are using them as a family herbalist. Listed under this heading you’ll find resources related to growing your own herbs and edible crops.