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We’re VERY close to finishing the long-awaited re-launch of our How To Grow Bigger and Better Backyard Crops Online Course.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and we are finally going to wrap it up. We will be releasing it early in August.

This course is entirely focused on “Growing Tastier and More Nutritious Crops.” It will include seven modules covering planning, garden layout, bed preparation, sowing, maintenance, harvesting and more. Each module will be available online as well as in a downloadable pdf document for easy offline studying.

We are going to map out our plug-and-play system for growing bigger and better backyard crops in step-by-step detail. It’s going to be a complete resource for growing edible crops in your own backyard, patio or balcony.

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalise everything and send it off to the printer and webmaster, we need to make sure that we’ve covered everything.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey – there is really only one thing we want to ask you…

What are your two top questions about “Growing Your Own Herbs, Veggies and Fruit” that we absolutely NEED to answer in this course?

Please SPEAK YOUR MIND below…

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  1. Vivian Grenfell says:

    1) Planting in minimal sunlight or shaded areas ? including how and when to fertilise?
    2) Harvesting tips, especially how and where to cut and best times to harvest relevant to plant

  2. How long should one wait until you can plant vegetables on ground that has been sprayed with herbicides (Roundup)? I have a large piece of ground which I wish to prepare for growing vegetables, but I’ve been spraying with Roundup for sometime for weed control.

  3. Thato Moagi says:

    My questions:
    1. Best plants to grow in a winter frost area.
    2. Best ways to prevent frost
    3. The use of algae water (N rich water) for irrigation on veggie crops
    4. The best way to transplant seedlings
    5. Raised beds, best methods, designs and care
    6. Soil mixing: the best ratio to make manure soil
    7. Sourcing of exotic and indigenous plant species.
    7. Tools and technology available to give the most accurate readings on soil water content, sun duration, environmental readings
    8. Best company or product I can get access to to create hydroponic sytems, greenhouses or tunnels
    9. How to start an orchard
    10. The best direction to plant veggies. eg N or S facing E or W
    11. Natural pest control
    12. best companion plants for veggies eg natural pest control or shading
    13. Drip method vs Spray irrigation

    Thank you. Your help will be greatly appreciated

  4. Anila Somla says:

    On my curry leaf & lemon tree has bubbles on the leaves how do I improve, I have bought a liquid to put in the root but we cannot use the plant leaves or crop that season is that the only way to get rid of the bubbles, also I plant my herbs in small containers and they grow very well. How do I grow egg plant I always grow them but very slow,
    Thanks your information is appreciated.

  5. Hi Di-Di, I would like to know more about watering in extreme heat(more water or less more times a day) for different crops. And organic pest control including termites. Difference between watering covered crops and open garden. Seasonal sawing and planting. Tnx

  6. Websterb Lichaba says:

    1. Keeping slugs from my crop?
    2. How do I get rid of them once I have discovered them?

  7. Nompilo says:

    Why do some plants die – same soil, same mantainence?

  8. 1) An idea of the yield that you get for each plant, or could be expected to get. I am in KZN.
    2) How much water/ fertilizer to give and when specifically in the growing cycle?

  9. Hi all

    1. Which Herbs can I grow indoors
    2. Can I successfully grow my herbs in 2L ice cream tubs?


  10. Good day Di-di
    I would love to have a detailed guide on what vegetables to plant and when to plant it, in order to have fresh vegetables all year round.
    Secondly, a comprehensive guide on companion planting for pest control.

    Thanks for the opportunity to give my input.

  11. Cathy Grobbelaar says:

    How to grow herbs in pots.

  12. Angela Brown says:

    Hi DiDi – I am looking forward to your new course. of utmost importance to me would definitely be:
    1. How many plants to grow for 2, 4 or more people in the family – ie do you really need 6 green pepper plants which you buy from the bursery? and then onto continuation planting.
    2. GMO – I really want to make sure that I am not eating any gmo products. – it does not help if I have stopped eating my favourite peanut butter but then somewhere down the line unbeknownst to me I have used a gmo seed – although I am assuming they are not readily available to backyard gardeners.
    3. the correct time to harvest.

    And of course just the fact that this is from a South African point of view is also very important.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work

  13. Hans Dogger says:

    1) Pest control
    2) When, with what and how much to fertilise.

  14. Pam Sinton says:

    Looks like you’ve had a wonderful response so far and all of my concerns and perceived inadequecies have been mentioned.
    I would maybe like to know more about raised beds as I’m not young anymore and lots of bending and getting up again has become my “bete noire”.

  15. Thanks very much
    1. Companion Planting
    2. Cycles of planting – ie so it’s not all ready at once, and you continually have fresh veggies / herbs
    3. What to plant when
    4. fun & easy stuff for kids to plant
    Thanks again 🙂

  16. Permaculture : From starting to maintaining such a lifestyle.

  17. Diccon Robinson says:

    I have been doing vegetable training for the pasted 2 years with small growers in Swaziland.
    Firstly soil testing is of importance. Most soils need to be limed & lack phosphates which need to be applied before one starts a veggie garden. If this is not done it results in a failure and the veggie garden becomes a failure in the eyes of the grower because the veggies just don’t grow
    Secondly on needs to look at basic drip irrigation system with drip lines spaced 30 x 30 cm or 60 x 60 cm (spacing of drippers within the pipeline of 30 cm) because watering of veggies is very important and this system makes watering very easy and also a saving of 50% on water use age. Most veggies can be planted in 30 cm or 60 cm spacings either within the row or between the rows
    Thirdly you need to buy quality seedling as a lot of nurseries are selling root bound disease seedlings.
    Finally disease control. BIOGROW produce organic products which can control most problems within the veggie garden. They have a questionaire & advice with suggested programmes. I have used their products for years with great success. ( These products are available at most nurseries or from Talborne Organics.
    Teach your children the basics of growing veggies as they are our future producers.

  18. Japie Moolman says:

    1. Which herbs and veggies can be grown together?
    2. How to store harvested herbs for later use?

  19. Marianne Thiede says:

    1) What do I do about nematodes in the soil?
    2) Can I grow root vegetables in such soil?

  20. 1 Wat is die vereistes om groente en kruies van saad te kweek
    2 Hoe pas mens rotasie van groentes/kruies toe as jy slegs beperkte grond tot jou beskikking het.


  21. Merice Fourie says:

    1. Hoe om van plantluise ontslae te raak, verkieslik sonder gif
    2. Beste variteit van groentes om te plant

    Sien uit na die kurses en dis net betyds vir plantsiesoen!

  22. 1) Growing veggies & herbs in a small space (1x3m)
    2) Container growing

  23. Preventing fruitfly organically
    Can I plant the seed from a delicious apricot and how long will it be before it bears fruit?

  24. 1. How to prepare your soil when there is a lot of stones.
    2. Companion veggies and herbs.
    3. What flowers can I plant between vegetables to keep pests and goggas out
    4. What natural pesticides can be made and used.
    5. What sun or shades herbs and veggies need.

  25. Hi, would love to know more about companion planting and disease control using herbs!

  26. Where do i get seeds or plants that i know are organic and not GM manipulated ?
    Can i leave plants to seed and use my own seeds from various herbs and veggies?

  27. Biggest problem, how to get rid of the green stinkbug, organically. Destroys bean and tomato crops in summer!
    How to grow garlic successfully in Cape Town

  28. Nnana Makhubu says:

    1.I would like to know soil nutrition info for different herbs The value needed and on balancing nutrition the fertilizer recommendation.
    2.which herbs grows the best in the Gauteng Province, (it could be herbal, cullinary or fragrant)

  29. How do I get my curry tree to grow . Leaves are always curled in and full of spots.

    • my curry tree leaves are curled and has full of spots.
      What type of herbs/veggies do I plant in a pot which is inside the court yard?
      How do stop the birds from eating the potting soil.

      Many thanks

  30. Carol Cullen says:

    How do I know whether to dig out the plant or leave it for the next season.

  31. Rumandi says:

    Most of my questions already asked. Maybe you could help with controlling scale on plants indoors and out only using natural ingredients. Also please don’t forget us in Mpumalanga, Ermelo is very cold and heavy frost in winter. We need help and guidance. Many thanks.

  32. How do I grow herbs in a climate that gets to 45 degrees in the summer?

  33. SailMike says:

    How do I keep vervet monkeys from eating my fruit before I do?

  34. I would like to know how to germinate seeds from fruit ie apples,pomegranate …if its at all possible. Doesn’t make sense to throw the seeds away.

  35. Exciting news that help is on the way.
    How to cultivate edible flowers (and which ones are available/best)?
    Which edible ‘weeds’ can be included in the garden?

  36. My parsley does not seem to grow well when planted in beds, they tend to prefer pots. Am I only unlucky or is there a reason for it?
    I loved your additional information on not only the growing of the veggies and herbs, but also uses for it, I hope it will be included in this course.
    What is the best product and when should it be used to deter fruit flies attacking fruit. I use products for that purpose and according to the prescripts, but still have no luck with my peaches.

  37. Theresa says:

    Which vegies can/can’t I plant next to each other.
    A home made ‘pesticide’ to kill the common pests.

  38. I will be starting out brand new as a backyard crop grower so the questions that I would have asked have already been covered, I look forward to the course!

  39. Carolyn L. Gasefete says:

    Kindly address how to treat plants for aphids and spider mites without the use of chemicals….organically? Also methods to control other pests organically

  40. Thank You!
    1) How to keep herb plants in soil on the ground, clear from “frost bite”, if not in a tunnel.
    2) How to produce your own seeds from various herbs. After what “generation” seed, will it be seen as “organic”.
    3) How to dry your own herbs for kitchen use as well as medicinal use, the most natural and safe way.
    For compost we only use fallen leaves, branches (broken into pieces) and anything from the kitchen, on a heap for 3 months, then roll onto a new heap for another 3 months, before working into clay soil. It helps, specially in the Gauteng area and are the most cost effective way. For flats and small spaces, not so sure what could be used, except maybe a “bucket with a lid”, where the “compost” gets “rolled over” every once a month.

  41. 1. In depth information regarding container gardening.
    2.Popular herbs – growing identifying
    3.Organic vs Inorganic fert and pest contrlo

  42. 1) Whats the secret to growing herbs in containers?
    2) What the best way to prepare the soil before planting veggies and herbs?
    3) We have a lot of trees in our garden so plenty shade. Can I grow veggies and herbs in a shady garden?

  43. Trikzta says:

    Hi Didi, I look forward to the next chapter of growing your own green and other veggies.
    What would be of interest to me & possibly to others is information pertaining to the best methods and time(s) to harvest perennial herbs.
    The flavours and properties are possibly different at certain stages of the plants cycle. For example, young & tender shoots are not as bitter as established stalks, some plants are sweeter before flowering etc.
    Lastly I’d like to add a little bit of support for what some call weeds. Blackjacks, (one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world) and khakibos are good insect repellants and if you live where frost is an issue, the dead & dry plants offer protection and help retain the moisture in the ground which is good for earth worms.
    One of the plants I had the most difficulty growing was the dandelion. lol. I had to buy it three times before I got it right! But what a wonderful addition to salads & soups, and healthy to boot.

  44. Tebogo Mochine says:

    How often do i have tomwater my veggie garden in winter?
    Which veggies and herb grow beeter in winter?

  45. Maureen says:

    Hi, most of my questions are covered by persons that has responded to your survey.
    However, I would like to know:
    – Growing garlic; and
    Living W Cape, about 150m from the seas.
    Thank you

  46. 1 .. What do I plant when in Johannesburg
    2. Container gardening. Any help

  47. panayiotis says:

    (1) I do not use commercially bought fertilizers or insecticides in my garden. My vegetables are always smaller than those sold in shops, but they are much tastier. Why? Is there a way I can overcome this.

    (2) Is there an easier way of knowing when, how much to water, particularly when you grow plants that require different amounts of water in the same beds & close to each other.

  48. Sharron says:

    What veggies compliment each other?
    Is it possible to grow carrots in clay soil?

  49. Almuth Sander says:

    I have a planterbox in the backgarden, surrounded by walls, quite shady, and the seeds germinate well, but disappear within a week! What can I plant in that kind of deep shade in summer and filtered shade in winter.
    Companion planting, composting and worm farming and natural insecticeds are a must for me!

  50. Karin Russell says:

    I plant Nasturtiums and Calendula (Marigold) around my Brassiccas and they are still always covered in greenfly….help!

  51. Jane Hilder says:

    Our biggest problem is how to stop the birds eating the veg/ veg plants before we can grow them and how to keep pests at bay without using chemicals. We have planted lavender and marigolds, it helps but is not enough in wet weather especially.

  52. Please keep me posted. Recently retired with more time – and soil – on my hands.

  53. 1. How to choose the correct spot to grow herbs and veggies, as I have tall trees all around my property.
    2. When to grow certain veggies and what to mix with the soil, JNB area.
    3. Is it best to have a little green house effect as pets and pests can really be a problem.
    Thank you so much.

  54. Simon Dube says:

    1. How to convince the majority of South Africans that growing your own crops is better than buying expensive organic veggies, fruits &herbs, because you know what went into them ie no chemical or forbidden additives
    2. What is suitable for container growing?

  55. I live in Natal – not Gauteng. Obviously the planting/growing season is different, as well as the types of vegetables/fruit that can be grown.
    Will the course cover different areas – or just “basics” for Gauteng ?

  56. Toni Luzzi says:

    I woudl love to know more about growing fruits & berries. Like how would you revieve an old fruit tree & what other kind of berries can be grown in our climate. Also I would love to know more about composting & worm farms.

  57. Sushie Rampersad says:

    Planting seeds or seedlings? Which is a better option when starting to learn to plant?
    How often does one water herbs and how much is enough?
    Can herbs & veg be planted together in a container eg thyme and lettuces?
    What is the perfect mix of soil in containers?

  58. 1. How to manage downy and powdery mildew in a very wet climate ( Midlands of KZN).

    2. How to organically up the nitrogen in the feeding.

    3. How to prevent blossom end rot etc in tomatoes – and any tips for growing tomatoes in a wet climate.

  59. 1. Exactly how much to plant over time for size of family including enough to save produce / or not save produce (i.e. bottle, can, freeze etc. / eating fresh ).
    This info is not easily available and is obviously variable, but a guideline would be useful based on knowledge of the growth habit of plants etc..
    2. Maintenance – at all levels. Difficulties arise when trying to do seasonal, rotational, successional, companion, etc all at once in a limited space!!! (is it possible really?)

  60. Margaret says:

    In the very hot humid region of the Natal coast in what months can we plant which
    vegetables/herbs to get the best results.

  61. Roberto Mazza says:

    Where is the best place to grow a particular veggie, and the incompatibility of two different plant if stay next to each outer they would not grow.

  62. Danielle Pearson says:

    Hello Di-Di,
    Thank you for this opportunity to ask you 2 questions.:-
    1. I would like to know the specific needs of the different vegies at the different stages of growth, as often we find only generalised information for all vegies, sure they all have a variety of needs.
    2. Also to identify the different diseases that affect vegies & what organic treatment is needed , & what to use against insect damage.

  63. 1. What natural methods of pest control can be used without harming/poisoning the produce (especially on fruit trees)?
    2. What is the best soil / fertilizer to use when preparing the beds and how far in advance should this be prepared prior to planting?

  64. Francois says:

    Good Day,

    The two most important questions for me are:
    -Different plants together in close proximity, ideal climate conditions, and the contribution on spread of diseas and possible promotions of diseas develeopment from both (proximity and climate) and in isolation?
    -Accurate cost calculation of production, we do it for the love of it! but is it self sustainable and the scale theroff?


  65. Joanne Greenberg says:

    How do I keep my soil ready for planting all year round. I want well nourished soil for all plant/veggie types. How does the companion panting help this and what can I plough back into the soil as nourishment
    Crop rotation – what and how and seasonal benefits.

  66. How does one prevent mildew on pumpkins and squash?
    What is the best natural insecticide to prevent black spot on tomato plants?

  67. 1. How do I prepare the same piece of soil for various crops ie changing its ph to suit what I want to plant at that time or season?
    2. How do I create a vegetable garden where there is no land eg, using containers?

  68. Sam de Villiers says:

    My major issue is finding a natural way to prevent pests – I haven’t managed to get many tomatoes, butternut, melons etc because of mildew and pest boring into the fruit. The other one is information on growing more indigenous / unusual fruits and veggies and the ways to use them and how to find seeds / seedlings. Examples would be things like spaghetti squash, nyimo beans, marula trees. Please remember that we don’t all live in Gauteng 🙂

  69. Chanessa says:

    How to grow your own herbs, veggies and fruit in a SMALL garden?
    Absolute basics to get started.

  70. Diame Storey says:

    1. what are the best companion crops to plant
    2. when is the best time to plant what – bearing in mind that we are not all in Pretoria

  71. Claudette says:

    Watter groente en kruie kan saam geplant word. Saam watter kos gebruik jy watter kruie?


    Mooi dag

  72. Ursula Strydom says:

    My top 2 questions…
    1. How to water different types of veggies (over top, only on soil, avoid wet leaves, how often etc.)
    2. How to plan how many of what veggie i need to plant

    Lastly, I am looking for an affordable VEGGIE TUNNEL (approx 2m x 3m) to use in our back garden. We have 7 cats and they think the veggie garden soil is there just for them. We live in Boksburg, East Rand.
    Thank you so much, looking forward to the e-course !!!!!!!!!


  73. Zodwa Myburgh says:

    Top dressing organic herbs, fruits and vegetables
    Cycle of maintaining perennial herbs.

  74. I would love to know more about trouble shooting in the garden eg:
    How much sun is enough?
    how do I know if my soil is well prepared enough? is there a way to test it?
    Why do fruits/veg simply shrivel and drop off after forming?
    What helps for powdery mildew?
    Why do tomato leaves turn brown and fruit have those hard white spots inside, when I am treating them by the book?

  75. How do I keep wild birds from eating my fruit before I do?