The 5 Rules of Herbal Medicine Making

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Setting Up A Herbal Apothecary At Home

“The home-tech environment of your kitchen is where herbalism lives. Herbalism thrives in the lay communities and hand-tended gardens of self-reliant plant people who cherish and practice their independence. Know that it is in your home that you can access and create for yourself the finest, most effective herbal products.” – herbalist James Green (2000) […]

The Importance of Botanical Names

You wouldn’t dare call a friend or relative by any other name than their own. Unless it’s your day for being rude. Nor would you call your potato salad an apple salad. You’ll just confuse your guests. We usually call plants by their common names. But these names can be very confusing. Example: Don’t confuse […]

Herbalism is NOT a Spectator Sport

This is the shortest lesson in this course but it one of the most important. The key to being a successful family herbalist is to be your own best testimonial. That is: be your own example of what herbs can do for people, and that means using herbs yourself. This sounds obvious, but sometimes people […]

How To Use Herbal Medicine Safely

Most popular medicinal herbs, are reasonably safe for most people most of the time when taken in recommended amounts. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labels them as G.R.A.S. – Generally Regarded As Safe. But remember herbs do contain pharmacologically active compounds that have drug effects on the body when taken in medicinal doses. […]

The Irony of the “No-Result” Result in Herbal Medicine

As herbal medicine progresses back to its former position of popularity there is an increasing inclination on the part of the media to do “herbal exposés” that tend to be deceptive, sensationalist, and sometimes irrational. Fortunately, as you venture deeper into your study of the subject, you will be able to distinguish these hype pieces […]

Herbs to Boost Your Metabolism

When you are young, your metabolism is naturally high, but as you get older that just isn’t the case anymore. Do you remember the days when you could eat anything that you wanted, whenever you wanted, and never seemed to gain a pound? Those days were great, and long gone. There is hope though. Your […]

Is it Safe to Use Comfrey?

I’ve received a flood of emails regarding my previous article about comfrey speeding up the healing of a fractured finger. Most people were concerned about the safety and legality of comfrey. So in this article I’ll try and debunk some of these safety issues. Comfrey is Banned in Foodstuffs Let’s start with comfrey’s status as a banned herb […]

Comfrey Speeds Up Healing of a Finger Fracture

Comfrey is perfectly safe when used externally. Ida from Pretoria shares her experience with comfrey below. It’s a prime example of how herbs and modern medicine can work together to speed up healing? If you have any similar experiences with comfrey that you would like to share please use the comment box below. And if you know […]

How To Take An Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) is a naturally occurring mineral. It has numerous health and beauty benefits as well as many uses in the garden. “An Epsom salt bath is a simple but very effective natural remedy.” When correctly prepared, an Epsom salt bath eases stress and relaxes the body, relieves pain and muscle cramps, and it […]

4 Mood Enhancing Herbs You Can Grow

Here are four herbs that will help improve your mood and help you relax. For best results grow your own. The easiest and quickest is to buy plants from your local garden centre. Two of each will do the trick. Lemon Balm Very popular with students during exam times it is also a very effective […]