Making Herbal Bath Salts – A Crash Course

Spoil yourself with your own unique herbal bath salt blends made with natural ingredients and relaxing scents. Bath salts are the easiest natural skin care products the family herbalist can make and are often some of the most expensive items in store-bought gift sets. Making them at home, with your own home-grown herbs, can cut […]

Borage – Nature’s Best Stress Tonic

An infusion of Borage leaves is nature’s best tonic for stress and stress related problems. The leaves contains vitamin C and are rich in calcium, potassium and mineral salts. Growing Borage Borage (Borago officinalis) is a lovely garden plant, with small bright blue flowers and an informal growth habit, reaching a height of 60cm. It […]

Snake Flower – Bulbine frutescens

[Fam. Asphodelaceae] Other Names / Related Species Afrikaans: balsemkopieva, copaiba, geelkatstert, katstert English: cat’s tail, bum jelly plant, stalked bulbine, grass aloe Sotho: Khomo-ya-Ntsukammele, sehlare-sa-pekane, sehlare-sa-mollo Tswana: Ibucu Xhosa: intelezi, ingelwane Zulu: ibhucu, intelezi Note: The name Bulbinella is often used –even by Margaret Roberts – to name many of this large group of plants. This […]

A Nourishing and Relaxing Herbal Bath Recipe

One of the most effective and pleasant methods for treating our minds, bodies and souls is an aromatic bath. The combination of water, warmth and herbal essences has several beneficial effects. This is a nourishing recipe for mature skin. It’s made with essential oils, but you can easily make it with a strong lavender infusion […]