Comfrey Speeds Up Healing of a Finger Fracture

comfrey helped heal a serious finger fracture

Comfrey helped spead up the healing of Ida’s finger.

Comfrey is perfectly safe when used externally. Ida from Pretoria shares her experience with comfrey below. It’s a prime example of how herbs and modern medicine can work together to speed up healing?

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In Ida’s own words:

“I fractured my left-hand ring finger rather badly on 7 December 2008 – the bone was completely fractured and the fracture also went into the knuckle joint, with a further dislocation of the finger at the middle joint. Well, off to hospital I went and had surgery, during which two K-wires were inserted just above the knuckle joint to stabilise the fracture.

I woke up with my left arm in plaster-of-paris, from the elbow to my fingertips and was told that chances are good that I would loose partial use of the finger, in that it would probably become “stiff”, due to the nature of the fracture and accompanying extensor ligament injuries.

As I earn my living as a secretary, typing every day, this was devastating news and after sobbing for about the whole first day, I resolved that I was not going to take this lying down and decided to use herbs to try to save the situation. The first herb that came to mind, was Comfrey, due to its bone-heeling properties.

At first, I could not use any ointment, as the wound and fracture area was totally covered by the plaster-of-paris. So I bought some Comfrey tincture and used it at 10 drops twice a day.

After two weeks, the plaster-of-paris was removed (which was only put on to keep my wrist from moving, so that the ligaments could join properly) and I could actually move the finger!

I then started with Comfrey/Echinaceae ointment over the area, also where the ligaments were severed, and continued with the Comfrey tincture. Not only did the actual wound heal quickly (with very little scarring, considering the extent of the injury), but when I went to see the orthopaedic surgeon 4 weeks after the incident, he was amazed at how well I could move the finger AND the new bone growth as shown on the x-ray.!!

At 6 weeks, the K-wires were removed surgically and I was sent to an occupational therapist. After only TWO consultations, it was no longer necessary for me to see her, as I have 100% use of the finger and she was absolutely amazed at how quickly the finger healed and that no further therapy was required.

Not to take anything away from the orthopaedic surgeon, who obviously did an outstanding job, it is clear that the Comfrey helped to speed up things nicely and correctly. What a wonderful herb..!!!”


  1. Comfrey is great for reducing scars if not eliminating them! One word of warning concerning this wonderful herb; Do not apply comfrey to a deep wound such as a knife cut. The comfrey could cause the wound to close on the outside before the inside heals, this could lead to complications if the inner wound turns septic.

    To avoid trouble from the Mainstream Medical Brigade many authors of herbal books say that comfrey shouldn’t be used internally blah, blah…..they then go on to say that comfrey is good for a long list of ailments. Some authors like David Hoffman just outright ignore the fallacy that comfrey causes spots on your behind, and recommend comfrey unconditionally. The lies about comfrey come from the behind of the liars.


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