Advanced Course Outcomes and Lessons

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Upon completion of the Advanced Lesson Upgrade you will be able to:

backyardmagazineIdentify the best composting materials in your garden
Grow your own compost crops
Start and outdoor compost bin
Start a worm farm
Start a once-a-year compost heap

Plan the layout of the beds.
Choose crops to fit your skills and garden
Use the Crop Planning Guide and  Crop Planning Worksheet to determine how much of each crop to plant when

Analyse the soil in your garden
Calculate the soil amendments you need
Restore a bed for follow-up planting

Raise your own seedlings.
Care for your seedlings.
Raise plants from cuttings

Optimize your watering strategies
Implement a step-by-step time saving weeding strategy
Give your plants the exact amount of nutrients they need
Implement advanced strategies for dealing with and preventing pests and diseases
Harvest your crops
Continiously improve your results with each new sowing

Advanced Lessons Upgrade

1. Good Compost Ingredients

2. Growing Your Own Compost Crops

3. Start an Outdoor Compost Bin

4. Start a Worm Farm – with a Twist

5. The Once-a-Year Compost Heap

6. The Most Effective Garden and Bed Layouts

7. What Will You Plant?

8. The Crop Planning Guide

9. The Crop Planning Worksheet

10. Understanding Soil Types and How It Impacts On Your Food Garden

11. A Comprehensive Do-It-Yourself Soil Analysis

12. Soil Amendments in a Nutshell

13. Restoring a Bed for Follow-Up Plantings

14. Growing Your Own Seedlings?

15. Hardening Off Your Seedlings

16. Starting Plants from Cuttings

17. What Happens When You Water

18. Weed Control Strategies

19. The Nutrients Plants Need

20. Fertizing Strategies

21. Pest and Disease Management

22. Debriefing A Crop to Improve the Next One

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