Beginners Course Outcomes and Lessons

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Upon completion of the beginners course you will be able to:

backyardmagazineApply the ‘secret underground’ treatment protocol to any ailing plant
Apply the 186 year old  Law of the Limiting Factor with a modern twist
List the key features and benefits of the Go Food Gardening System
Assess your own food gardening skills
Define your primary role as food gardener
Explain the problems with conventional agriculture and why we need to grow-our-own
Appreciate the benefits of an eclectic approach to food gardening
Realize that building your own system on a proven template is not rocket science

Invest in the basic tools and resources you’ll need.
Set up your food gardening diary or journal.
Describe what motivates you to have a food garden.
Explore your food gardening worldview.
Describe your dream food garden.
Start thinking about how your gardening activities contribute to the four Go Food Gardening Strategies.

Explain the importance of compost.
Set up your own low-cost bucket composting system.

Choose the best locations for your food garden(s)
Determine your optimum growing season

Prepare the beds for first-time planting

Plant seedlings and potted plants into your beds
Sow directly into the beds

Know when and how to water your crops to ensure optimum growth
Use mulches to conserve water and combat weeds
Know when is the best time to harvest your crops

Course Lessons

1. A Quick Overview of the Go Food Gardening System

2. The Food Gardening Skills Assessment.

3. Your Role as Gardener

4. Problems with Conventional Agriculture

5. The Power of Having Three Gardening Systems in One

6. The Tools and Resources You Need

7. Start a Journal or Diary

8. What Drives You to Grow Your Own?

9. What’s Your Gardening Worldview?

10. Set Food Gardening Goals in Alignment With The Four Overall Strategies

11. Benefits of Making Your Own Compost?

12. Bokashi – From Garbage to Garden

13. How Long Does it Take to Make Compost?

14. Finding the Best Location

15. Size Matters… A Lot!

16. Determining Your Growing Season

17 First-Time Bed Preparation

18. Seeds or Seedlings?

19. Planting Seedlings and Potted Plants

20. Sow Directly Into the Beds

21. How and When and How Much to Water

22. Mulching

23. Harvesting



    Thank you for welcoming me in your academy, I’m looking forward to an enriching course. I’m also highly expectant of a better life of healthy living.


  2. pieter faro says:

    İ wanna thank u for the information that u put available to people like me. İ’m definately deeply interested in this courses. İ will follow up on this.
    İ thank u

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