The Power of Three Gardening Systems in One

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  1. Andrew Short says:

    I think I would like to do Organic gardening because it’s the most familiar to me. Lord willing when I progress to know more, I hopefully will move on to more advanced growing like permaculture and bio-intensity gardening if need be.

  2. Marietjie Van der Walt says:

    I decided to go for the organic garden as my backyard is not to big. I also believe that we must look after ourselves and I am able to do just
    that when I exactly know what type of food my familie eat.

  3. Gerrit Middelberg says:

    Organic gardening is a good option, because you use more natural products. Bio-intensive can be used in small spaces. Permaculture is a system that can be more intensive. I would go for Organic and second Bio-intensive.

  4. Linda Bogers says:

    Thank you for a most informative first module. I have been trying to grow vegetables for many years without much success. I now know why. I will be trying to incorporate all three of the above models as I feel they all have sound principles in creating a successful, abundant vegetable garden in accordance with working with nature.

  5. Rainer van Wyk says:

    I feal that organic gardening is an step back closer to what we should be doing but still not quit there yet. I belive that natural gardening is the only way that we can get our self’s out of the mess we got into with gmo’s systematic-pesticides and all that funn stuf.

    I want to go the Permaculture rout becous, as I understand, in the building of healthy soil the reestablishment of mini-mico ecosystems is essential.

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