What is Your Role as Gardener?

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  1. mike lombardi says:


    I see myself as apprentice, as I am going to learn how, when, what, where and why, from Mother nature.; I am the helper and partner as I want Mother nature to produce the very best crop and therefore will help Her in doing what she knows best; As a “boss” and not a “boss of Mother nature”, I believe as a gardener I need to have the vision, plan and act in creating a space that Mother nature can do her work in.

  2. Marietjie Van der Walt says:

    I se my role as a planner, carer, organizer and helper. I am there to plan and organize my garden, take care of it. my role as helper is to intervene
    if there is pests, to remove them the natural way and make sure they get water on a regular basis to produce the best crops.

  3. Gerrit Middelberg says:

    I think that nature must do what it can best. I will intervene when something is short or when there are pest or sickness visible.

  4. Rainer van Wyk says:

    I see my role as gardener as an interventionist, helper, organizer. The plants must do what plants do best and im there to organizer where what grows and to water them. If there is pests ill interven to remove the pests and or heal the plants.

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