Module 7: From Seed to Harvest


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With the crops in the soil it is time to start watering, fertilising and managing pests and diseases until your crops are ready for harvesting.

In this module we’ll introduce you to the four Go Food Gardening cycles that helps you become a successful and productive food garden care taker.

Upon completion of Module 7 you will be able to:


  • Know when and how to water your crops to ensure optimum growth
  • Use mulches to conserve water and combat weeds
  • Know when is the best time to harvest your crops


  • Optimize your watering strategies
  • Implement a step-by-step time saving weeding strategy
  • Give your plants the exact amount of nutrients they need
  • Implement advanced strategies for dealing with and preventing pests and diseases
  • Harvest your crops when at their best
  • Continiously improve your results with each new sowing
  • Cook up a storm

Lessons in this Module

Beginners Course Lessons

1. Watering Your Food Garden

2. Mulching

3. Harvesting

A note on Cooking
In the end this is what it all boils down to – throwing very impressive dinner parties with your home-grown green cuisine. Our food gardens become living proof that food that is healthy and food that gives pleasure are not mutually exclusive.

Putting it another way: It’s no use having a garden full of crispy fresh herbs, vegetables and fruit and you don’t know how to showcase their best qualities in the kitchen.

Advanced Lessons Upgrade

4. What Happens When You Water

5. Weed Control Strategies

6. The Nutrients Plants Need

7. Fertizing Strategies

8. Pest and Disease Management

9. Debriefing A Crop to Improve the Next One