Module 4: Planning Tools & Systems


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The biggest reason for failure in conventional food gardens is lack of planning.

In this module you’ll learn a rather comprehensive planning approach that leaves nothing to chance and that ensures the best possible harvest from the available growing area.

You’ll start your planning with choosing the best position(s) and size for your food garden. Then I’ll help you determine your optimum growing season.

In the advanced lesson upgrade I’ll help you plan the layout of your various food gardens. Show you how to decide on the crops you want to grow using a predefined set of criteria. Set portion goals for your crops and you’ll plan exactly where and when each crop needs to be sown.

Upon completion of Module 4 you will be able to:


  • Choose the best locations for your food garden(s)
  • Determine your optimum growing season


  • Plan the layout of the beds.
  • Choose crops to fit your skills and garden
  • Use the Crop Planning Guide and  Crop Planning Worksheet to determine how much of each crop to plant when

Lessons in this Module

Beginners Course Lessons

1. Finding the Best Spot

Advanced Upgrade Tip: Sunlight – The Critical Limiting Factor

2. Size Matters… A Lot!

3. Determining Your Growing Season

Advanced Lessons Upgrade

4. Productive Garden and Bed Layouts

5. What Will You Plant? Crop Selection Criteria

6. The Crop Planning Cheat Sheet

7. The Crop Planning Worksheet

8. More Advanced Crop Planning Techniques

Dig Deeper – Grow Your Food Gardening Skills

…additional (optional) resources for those that want to make the most of this course…

Basic Design Concepts for Sustainable Landscapes – Study with Lesson 1
A 12 page PDF that will help you understand the importance of working with what your site offers. It also offers more detailed guidelines for doing a site analysis and assessing family needs.