Module 6: Sowing & Plant Propagation


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There are five possibilities for starting your crops: sowing seeds, buying seedlings, rooting cuttings, dividing plants, or buying plants.

The principles of successful sowing and plant raising are the same for almost everything you will grow, so once you’ve mastered the principles of plant propagation I share in this module you’ll be able to sow and raise a large number of plants for your garden.

Upon completion of Module 6 you will be able to:


  • Plant seedlings and potted plants into your beds
  • Sow directly into the beds


  • Raise your own seedlings.
  • Care for your seedlings.
  • Raise plants from cuttings

Lessons in this Module

Beginners Course Lessons

1. Seeds or Seedlings?

2. Planting Out Seedlings and Potted Plants

3. How To Sow Directly Into the Beds

Advanced Lessons Upgrade

4. Growing Your Own Seedlings

5. Hardening Off Your Seedlings