Grow Your Own Herbs – Tutorial

Herbs are some of the easiest, most grateful plants to grow. If you follow the basic guidelines in this tutorial about starting your own herb- or potted herb garden, you’ll be richly rewarded with their flavours and aromas. For starters – the rewards of growing herbs are far greater than with other plants. Other plants in the garden are mostly planted for their decorative value.

herb-growing1Herbs, on the other hand, can also be used for a myriad of other purposes that stretch from flavouring your food, to curing your flu, to ridding your home of insects.

When you grow your own herbs your favourite herbs will always be available. Even your trusted local fresh herb supplier may run out of stock from time to time. Often this happens when you need the one herb that is not in stock!

It is unlikely that you will use chemical sprays on your herbs, but even if you do, at least you will know exactly what you have used. When you purchase herbs – even the so-called organic herbs – you don’t really know for sure whether the plants have been exposed to harmful chemicals or not.

Once you start growing herbs, you will quickly and easily master the basic principles of gardening. You will soon find that you will want to try your hand at a vegetable patch.

It is a dream come true. Nothing can beat the pleasure and satisfaction of preparing a wholesome meal using fresh ingredients from your own garden.

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