Grow Your Own – It Makes Sense

grow your own to save on your grocery bill

When you grown your own backyard crops your grocery bill will go down whilst food prices skyrockets. Photo credit: iStockPhoto

The prospects do not look too good for food prices in the near future. The steep increase in farming labour costs and the ever increasing fuel price are already filtering through to the consumer. That’s why it makes sense to grow your own food.

Three Areas to Focus On

When you grow your own herbs and vegetables your grocery bill can actually go down whilst food prices skyrockets.

Focus on these areas to make the most of your growing efforts:

  • For starters, grow more veggies. Not by increasing the size of your food garden but by increasing the harvest from your existing garden. The easiest way to do this is to space your crops according to their nutrient needs and your soil quality. For example, if you have a poor soil don’t grow veggies with a high nutrient demand.
  • Next, grow better veggies. Better quality equals better nutritional value. Meaning you’ll harvest more nutrients and vitamins from the same area. The easiest way to do this is to plant according to the seasons and to grow crops adapted to your climate. For example, don’t grow cool season crops in summer.
  • And finally, grow your soil. A healthier soil will result in more and better veggies. It is the key to more and better vegetables. Start by cutting down on chemical fertilizers and by making your own compost. There are as many compost making systems as there are food gardeners. The best systems pack punch by using a combination of proven compost making techniques.

Do you grow your own? Which of the above do you need to focus on?

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