Setting Up A Herbal Apothecary At Home

“The home-tech environment of your kitchen is where herbalism lives. Herbalism thrives in the lay communities and hand-tended gardens of self-reliant plant people who cherish and practice their independence. Know that it is in your home that you can access and create for yourself the finest, most effective herbal products.” – herbalist James Green (2000)

herbal apothecary equipment and supplies

You need remarkably little in terms of equipment and supplies to start making your own herbal medicines. The list that follows will get you started.

Just remember… this is not a shopping list.

Do not make the mistake of running out and purchasing all and sundry on the list below. Herbalism at its best embraces theater and that means doing things a bit different than the high-tech buy-it-all method.

Pack out your kitchen drawers and find tools and stuff that matches (or even don’t) the list below as closely as possible. Then visit second hand shops to find those items that you don’t have and are drawn to.

Get a box or chest, decorate it appropriately, and use it to store your equipment. Render your herbal craft unique and fascinating.

Herbal Apothecary Equipment

Grinding devices

These are used to grind down dried herbs to smaller sizes. A mortar and pestle is an obvious must for theatrics and creating atmosphere. And perhaps to grind down the odd small batch. But when you are doing large batches you’ll find an old coffee grinder a time saving piece of equipment. Always grind a teaspoon of rice to clean out the mill between herbs. Some herbologists also use a food processor to grind down dried herbs.

Mixing bowls

These serve a wide variety of purposes such as holding herbs in the medicine making queue, blending, rubbing dried herbs, for herbal hand baths, for making herb dips to munch on whilst medicine making, etc. Collect wooden ones, glass ones, the thin-gauge stainless steel ones, etc. In fact anything but aluminum and plastic.

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