Herbs to Boost Your Metabolism

plant journaling systemWhen you are young, your metabolism is naturally high, but as you get older that just isn’t the case anymore. Do you remember the days when you could eat anything that you wanted, whenever you wanted, and never seemed to gain a pound?

Those days were great, and long gone. There is hope though.

Your metabolism, according to experts like WebMD, involves a complex network of hormones and enzymes that not only convert food into fuel but also affect how efficiently you burn that fuel.

One of the best ways to boost your metabolism is exercise. “This includes aerobic workouts to burn more calories in the short term, and weight training to build the muscles that will boost your metabolism in the long run.” says WebMD

Of course we live in an age when all we want to find is a quick and easy way out of everything. We want to find a magic bullet, and the fact is there are thousands of them around. And exercise, for most of us, is not a magic bullet.

These bullets (pills and other quick fixes) can be very dangerous and even deadly if they are not used properly.

The good news is that you don’t even need them. There are many herbal solutions that you can easily use to boost your metabolism in a completely natural manner. Choose medicinal herbs that support and improve the function of the bowels, liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

Maria Treben – the late, world renowned herbalist and author of the international best seller Health from God’s Pharmacy – recommended the following herb teas:

  • Calamus root tea
  • Dandelion tea
  • Mistletoe tea
  • Wild chicory tea.

Try your local health store for any of these and follow the directions as indicated.

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  1. Great stuff! I’ve just a little moan, not bad seeing as I’m a moaner of note!

    Not really a moan, it’s just that I would add Chilli to the mix, add as much cut (remove seeds if you like) chilli to any tea or on its own (or use Cayenne pepper). Warning, chilli could cause prescribed medications and concoctions to be absorbed much faster or more efficiently than normal.

    Other Indian curry spices are also helpful in speeding up the metabolism and these spices have been in regular use for thousands of years. These could be used in daily meals in conjunction with the excellent recommended herbal teas in the article. Dandelion is a wonder herb that has also been around since before man walked on two legs. As have the other herbs mentioned as herbal teas.

    Thanks for posting! The author was indeed a wise soul. You can download free ebooks from her site, http://mariatreben.com/ .

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