Basic Herbal Medicine Making

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This practical, fun filled, online course serves as an introduction to the fascinating art of making your own herbal remedies. It is intended for people who care about their own health and vitality and who want to explore the possibilities of becoming the family herbalist.

herbal medine manking

This online course is intended for people who care about their own health and vitality and who want to explore the possibilities of becoming the family herbalist.

This introductory course will also give you a glimpse of what we cover in the Advanced Herbal Medicine Making online course and as such will help you determine whether that course is suitable for you.

Upon completion of the Basic Herbal Medicine Making Online Course you’ll be able to:

  • Define the position of herbalism in the Biblical worldview that ‘God is the Ultimate Healer’.
  • Explain how to use herbs safely.
  • Set up your own basic apothecary (kitchen lab) with equipment and supplies found in most kitchens.
  • Explain the Rules of Medicine Making.
  • Prepare an infusion and a tincture.
  • Prepare a healing salve.

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Lesson 1: The Battle for the Body
In this introductory lesson we attempt to explain: “How/where herbology fits into a Biblical worldview wherein God is the Ultimate Healer.”

Lesson 2: Types of Healing
“Healing” means to cure or make whole. Healing can include relief from spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and demonic conditions. It is not immunity from sickness. Our bodies are in the “process of decay” and open to Satanic attacks as long as we are in this world.

Lesson 3: How the “Green People” Came to Our Aid (a Cherokee Tale)
In the foreword to her wonderful little book “Herbal Medicine”, herbalist Vicky Pitman relates the beautiful story as told by the Cherokee of how the green people came to the aid of human beings.

Lesson 4: The Irony of the “No-Result” Result in Herbal Medicine
We are not accustomed to measure our success by what doesn’t happen. We want to see something take place, even if it means being very ill and getting heroically “cured” with a simple herbal remedy.

Lesson 5: How To Use Herbal Medicines Safely
It cannot be overemphasized enough that overall, herbs are safer than drugs, but they are potent medicine, and anyone who uses them should do so cautiously and responsibly. Fortunately you don’t need to be a master herbalist to use medicinal herbs safely. All you need is a little information and some common sense.

Lesson 6: Herbalism is NOT a Spectator Sport
The key to being a successful family herbalist is to be your own best testimonial. That is: be your own example of what herbs can do for people, and that means using herbs yourself.

Lesson 7: The Impotance of Botanical Names
It is not necessary to know every botanical name you come across by heart. However you simply must know the botanical names of the herbs that you use.

Lesson 8: Setting Up a Basic Herbal Apothecary (Kitchen Lab)
Here’s a detailed list of the basic equipment and supplies you need to start making your own herbal medicines.

Lesson 9: The 5 Rules of Herbal Medicine Making
The following rules of medicine making is accepted by almost everyone who works with plants and makes plant medicines.

herbal medicine making course

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Lesson 10: The 2 Basic Processes for Making Remedies

Lesson 11: The Sensual Approach to Herbal Medicine Making

Lesson 12: How to Make Infusions

Lesson 13: How to Make a Tincture

Lesson 14: How to Make a Simple Herbal Salve

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    This is great, thank you. I am looking forward to course completion.

  2. Frans Dumisani Nkosi says:

    I have been Practising Herbal medicines under my Grandfather guidance who had a great wisdom of African chinese and US training of herbs.I was trained by Forever Living, Herbal Life as their Distributor, but now I need to add to the vast knowledge that I have of herbs, I can heal more than 220 illnesses plus, I have a Data base of 200 happy healthy Patients.What I need its to keep up with the latest researches.I have several National Diplomas and certificates under my Name

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