Herbalism is NOT a Spectator Sport

athletes and spectators

This is the shortest lesson in this course but it one of the most important.

The key to being a successful family herbalist is to be your own best testimonial.

That is: be your own example of what herbs can do for people, and that means using herbs yourself.

This sounds obvious, but sometimes people just want to study herbs and not really experience their life-changing health benefits.

Maybe they don’t have the courage to take the herbs and try them out, or to really change their life in terms of food intake and physical exercise; maybe they don’t enjoy the taste of some of the herbs, so they’re afraid to really commit to the daily quantities necessary for a positive change.

But studying herbalism is not a spectator sport.

You have to really get into your herbs. Find ways to make them work in your life and then observe what happens in your own body, physically, emotionally and energetically; because you will undoubtedly experience a phenomenal shift in your health.

You will experience a transformation.

It is inevitable, because herbs deliver such potent healing nutrients and energies that they can’t help but alter your level of health. If you just tune in to what’s happening in your body and become an observer of your body, you will notice some phenomenal changes taking place.

Dig Deeper

Find ways to use herbs in your daily life. A good starting point is the tonic herbs. Also, commit to mastering the art of making your own herbal remedies.

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