The Battle for the Body

“Man is a product of his thoughts,
what he believes, he becomes”
– Mahatma Gandhi.

In our experience most people who invest in a herb course like this have an underlying belief in the effectiveness of herbalism as a healing modality. And that, as Mahatma Gandhi hints, is critical to what you’ll get from such a course.

What is the nature of healing? What does it take to heal?

What is the nature of healing? What does it take to heal?

Few people however have a clearly defined idea of where exactly herbalism, or any other healing modality for that matter, fits into a Biblical worldview. And with that comes the very real and grave danger that you might be here because you have unreasonably high expectations of herbalism. Or you might be here because you have a misguided view of your role in the healing process.

In the Advanced Herbal Medicine Making Course this voluntary module attempts to explain:

“How/where herbology fits into a Biblical worldview wherein God is the Ultimate Healer.”

Now before you roll your eyes, and shout “Get out of here! You are totally of line , not to say out of your league! This is a herbal medicine making course.” Or even worse, before you trash this course, allow us to stress that this module is not required study material. As I mentioned above, it is voluntary.

So, if exploring the Christian view of your role as Family Herbalist, and the role of herbalism in healing makes you uncomfortable, you can safely skip ahead to Lesson 3.

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  1. Stefanie van Taak says:

    1. Trust Faith Love And Humility
    2. Matthew 17:20 If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain “Move” and it WILL move…. God said it in the Bible that with faith we could move mountains.

  2. Nontobeko Mdlalose says:

    faith ,belief,selflessness and caring
    Faith is important to healing because it gives you the source of power required to heal/ it is the source of strength, it provides answers and guidance and mostly healing through god

  3. four essential qualities of a healer: trust, faith, love and humility
    without faith we have no belief. We need to have faith in God that he can do all things. He can heal, provide our needs and delivery us from all sickness if WE BELIEVE!

  4. Rinaldi herbst says:

    1. trust, faith, love, humility
    2. God is the healer that provides

  5. Melissa Danysh says:

    I think that faith is an important aspect of healing. Faith has spiritual or religious connotations- but it’s also an attitude. It’s been shown in many scientific studies that those who go into an illness with a negative view/attitude (Oh, I’m so sick, I won’t be cured, I’ll never get better, I’m going to die, etc), often have more negative outcomes and take longer to heal, than those who either have a great/positive attitude, or a belief and faith in the medicine and healing process.

  6. Haelene Van Der Walt says:

    Yes, fellow truth seekers…
    Faith in God our Healer, not in medicine. The herbage of the earth was given by Him for us as food and healing, therefore He is our healer. When we can share with others that herbs healed us, we can say God healed us!

  7. Rodney Liebich says:


  8. Natasha Allison says:

    A wise person told me that God uses medicine, doctors, etc. to heal. He is the Ultimate Healer and have created our bodies capabilities to heal itself. (What happened to that cut you had not so long ago?)

  9. Marietjie Van der Walt says:

    In my opinion, faith is the healer. It doesn’t matter what type of medicine you use, if you don’t believe in it, you will not get cured.

  10. julia nicholas says:

    I am not sure that faith is important for healing. Maybe faith in the healer.

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