Types of Healing

“Healing” means to cure or make whole. Healing can include relief from spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and demonic conditions. It is not immunity from sickness. Our bodies are in the “process of decay” and open to Satanic attacks as long as we are in this world.

In chapter 2 of Battle for the Body (see Supplemental Reading below) the authors explore the different types of healing, giving us a hint of “How/where herbology fits into a Biblical worldview wherein God is the Ultimate Healer.”

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Supplemental Reading

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Additional study topics on this subject that you’ll learn about in the Advanced Herbal Medicine Making Course includes:

  • The natural and spiritual realms
  • When to call on medical and natural healing.

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  1. Natural healing as our body is healing each day. God gives us the ability to heal our self.
    Faith healing as well. I put all my trust in God and he will make a way for us and heal those that want to be healed.

  2. Prof Colin Lowe says:

    Well written Di-Di!
    People think that a doctor heals ALL ailments with pills and injections, with the issue of an important looking chemist prescription.
    You have summarised the CORRECT POSITION above – there are many types of healing, especially stress-related in daily activities and personal relationships which need special healing processes and many times forgiveness to clear the body, mind and spirit of those negative interventions.
    Have a pleasant day, regards, Prof. Colin Lowe.

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