Plant Journaling for Herbalists

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Welcome to Plant Journaling for Herbologists.

The study of individual herbs is a core subject in any herbology course. Contemporary courses on this subject follow a superficial theoretical approach. This course encourages a practical ‘hands on’ approach called ‘plant journaling’ to acquiring a working knowledge of herbs.

This course is intended for the serious hobbyist – and for the would be professional, and professional herbologist – who want to use a systematic approach to acquiring a working knowledge of individual herbs.

There are no prerequisites for participation in this course. Doing Basic Botany for Herbologists, or a similar basic botany course, either before or concurrently is recommended..

Upon completion of Plant Journaling for Herbalists you will be able to:

Apply the SAHA Plant Journaling System to record and classify herbology information.

Adapt the SAHA Plant Journaling System to suit your own individual needs.

Compile your own Family Herbal, consisting of detailed scientific herb monographs, for personal use and reference.

Select reliable sources of herbology information.

Completing your first monograph is an important outcome of your course, but don’t make that your focus.

Focus on the journey… the experiences… the intimate relationship building…

How to Qualify for The Certificate of Completion

If you have enrolled in this option of the course please note that you must hand in your written assignment (parsley monograph and master journal) within 5 weeks from your enrolment. Please note your D-Date right now.


The course material is divided into 5 modules. Aim to complete at least one module each week.

The duration of the certificate course is 5 weeks.

You will need to devote about 10 to 15 hours to this course. An average of about 2 to 3 hours per week.

It is recommended that you spend an additional 1 to 2 hours per week on exploring other resources and on developing your plant journaling skills.

Enjoy every moment of this experience!

Di-Di Hoffman
Course Presenter