The 5 Rules of Herbal Medicine Making

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Making Herbal Bath Salts – A Crash Course

Spoil yourself with your own unique herbal bath salt blends made with natural ingredients and relaxing scents. Bath salts are the easiest natural skin care products the family herbalist can make and are often some of the most expensive items in store-bought gift sets. Making them at home, with your own home-grown herbs, can cut […]

Setting Up A Herbal Apothecary At Home

“The home-tech environment of your kitchen is where herbalism lives. Herbalism thrives in the lay communities and hand-tended gardens of self-reliant plant people who cherish and practice their independence. Know that it is in your home that you can access and create for yourself the finest, most effective herbal products.” – herbalist James Green (2000) […]

Herbalism is NOT a Spectator Sport

This is the shortest lesson in this course but it one of the most important. The key to being a successful family herbalist is to be your own best testimonial. That is: be your own example of what herbs can do for people, and that means using herbs yourself. This sounds obvious, but sometimes people […]

How To Use Herbal Medicine Safely

Most popular medicinal herbs, are reasonably safe for most people most of the time when taken in recommended amounts. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labels them as G.R.A.S. – Generally Regarded As Safe. But remember herbs do contain pharmacologically active compounds that have drug effects on the body when taken in medicinal doses. […]

The Irony of the “No-Result” Result in Herbal Medicine

As herbal medicine progresses back to its former position of popularity there is an increasing inclination on the part of the media to do “herbal exposés” that tend to be deceptive, sensationalist, and sometimes irrational. Fortunately, as you venture deeper into your study of the subject, you will be able to distinguish these hype pieces […]

How the “Green People” Came to Our Aid (a Cherokee Tale)

In the foreword to her wonderful little book “Herbal Medicine”, herbalist Vicky Pitman relates the beautiful story by the Cherokee of how the green people came to the aid of human beings. “In the beginning of this world, all creatures could speak a common language, and respected and understood one another, taking only what they needed […]

Types of Healing

“Healing” means to cure or make whole. Healing can include relief from spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and demonic conditions. It is not immunity from sickness. Our bodies are in the “process of decay” and open to Satanic attacks as long as we are in this world. In chapter 2 of Battle for the Body (see […]

The Battle for the Body

“Man is a product of his thoughts, what he believes, he becomes” – Mahatma Gandhi. In our experience most people who invest in a herb course like this have an underlying belief in the effectiveness of herbalism as a healing modality. And that, as Mahatma Gandhi hints, is critical to what you’ll get from such a course. Few people […]

Herbs to Boost Your Metabolism

When you are young, your metabolism is naturally high, but as you get older that just isn’t the case anymore. Do you remember the days when you could eat anything that you wanted, whenever you wanted, and never seemed to gain a pound? Those days were great, and long gone. There is hope though. Your […]

Advanced Herbal Medicine Making Online Course

“If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of self-medicating, I respectfully suggest you root out and possibly reconsider the beliefs that underlie these feelings. Boundless numbers of us in this society are extremely intelligent human beings, fully capable of making excellent decisions about our lives, particularly when given access to valid information as a base […]

The Stop Your Cold Diet

“Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food.” – Hippocrates The above age old advice from Hippocrates, the father of medicine, still holds true today. Contemporary nutritional therapists believe that most states of ill-health, barring accidents and trauma, can be treated effectively with diet. In the case of the common cold they suggest a […]

How To Take An Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) is a naturally occurring mineral. It has numerous health and beauty benefits as well as many uses in the garden. “An Epsom salt bath is a simple but very effective natural remedy.” When correctly prepared, an Epsom salt bath eases stress and relaxes the body, relieves pain and muscle cramps, and it […]

Plant Journaling for Herbalists

The study of individual herbs is a core subject in any herbology course. Contrary to contemporary courses on this subject which follow a superficial theoretical approach, the Plant Journaling for Herbalists home study course encourages a practical ‘hands on’ approach called ‘plant journaling’ to acquire an in depth working knowledge of herbs. It is intended for […]