Choosing the Best Spot for Your Potted Herbs

The ideal spot for potted herbs receives ample sunlight, is near the kitchen, protected from cold winds and frost, and is close to a water source. Of all these the amount of sun that your herbs will receive is the most important as it will have the biggest impact on the quality of your herbs. […]

9 Wenke Om Gelukkige Kruie in Potte te Kweek

Om kruie in potte te kweek is ongelooflik maklik en ook sommer baie produktief. Die meeste kruie aard besonders goed in potte. Doen net die basiese dinge hieronder reg en ek kan jou waarborg dat jy suksesvol sal wees. 1. Moenie dit oordoen nie. Hou jou poging hanteerbaar deur te fokus op alledaagse bruikbare kruie. […]

9 Tips for Growing Happy Potted Herbs

Growing herbs in pots is amazingly easy and productive. Most herbs do exceptionally well in pots. You just need to get a few basics right.  Simply apply the nine essential below and I can almost guarantee that you’ll get good results. 1. Don’t overdo it. Keep your initial attempt manageable by opting for a few useful herbs. The “Magnificent Seven” […]