Faan’s South African Veggie News – November 2014

The Romans used to say: “Tempus fugit” and nothing has changed over all these years. No matter in which language you say it, time flies. Less than two months before Christmas, so if you want to spoil yourself with lovely fresh vegetables from your own garden during the Christmas holidays, now is the time to […]

Faan’s South African Veggie News – October 2014

It’s not often you get the opportunity to learn from the best. Faan Koekemoer is without any doubt one of the most experienced and pragmatic vegetable gardeners I know. He publishes a monthly newsletter jampacked with tips, tricks and timely advice for enthusiastic vegetable gardeners. And he has agreed to share it with our SA Herb Academy members. […]

South African Vegetable Sowing Guide – July

July is a busy month in the ornamental garden and the food garden. It is time for pruning roses, fruit trees, vines and perennial herbs. It also time for sowing the first spring vegetables and herbs. In the summer rainfall areas, feed and water all winter vegetables at least once a week. Table Notes: Column […]

South African Vegetable Sowing Guide – June

In most parts of the South Africa this is a very quiet month in the food garden. Especially as far as sowing is concerned. Regular frosts can be expected in some parts of the country during June. Keep your frost covers handy and cover your tender crops. Water the garden in the morning so that […]

South African Vegetable Sowing Guide – May

May is traditionally the first month of winter and time to think of winter protection where heavy frosts are experienced. In the summer rainfall areas May also marks the end of the rain season and this means that watering becomes a critical element of the weekly growing activities. Table Notes: Column 1 – Common Name Column […]

South African Vegetable Sowing Guide – August

For an explanation of the sowing table columns see the sowing table notes.